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Our Beautiful Joseph!

Monday, October 18, 2010

I've been scolded...

I was properly chastised today by a friend reminding me of the neglectful lack of blogging I have been engaged in!!! Life with 3 boys is nothing short of "warp speed". We do have MUCH news to report and new pictures, of course!! First of all, JOSEPH IS WALKING!!! It was a few lunging controlled falls in August. Now, it has evolved into sure-footed, all-terrain, running (unless he stops to explore an item of interest). So, in case some of you ISRC mommies are counting... he was just shy of 16 months when he started taking steps.

Clothes are now a big issue-- or should I say a "small" issue?! Summer was great because shorts can be...well...short on him. I could buy 9 month size and they would fit. BUT, the weather is cooling off and that will no longer fly. We have every make and model of overall for my "no hynie, no waist" baby (seriously, 5 pair at last count). We are also fans of Carters' one piece diddies. My mother in law purchased some knit outfits and sewed snaps to make our own adjustable waist. Did everyone know that they don't make the really cool adjustable waist clothing until 24 months? Yep, it's true. If you have a skinny baby in America, you are just going to have to get creative. I have sewn unsightly "tucks" in the waists of all of his other pants hoping that the shirts will cover. Oh well. He's so cute, noone is looking at his clothes!!

I have had questions about homeschooling with a busy Joseph. It has really been pretty fabulous, actually. We are tackling second grade, kindergarten, and emerging language skills during our days. Baby gates are saving my life. I block all of us into the kitchen/morning room area and we get to work. It takes a little more time to get through, but it is developing patience in all of my children. They sometimes have to wait for me to get something or do something for a brother before I can get to their need. I really feel like we spend more time interacting with Joseph now that we are "doing school" because we all stay in one room together. This summer, we were always up to something! Like any honest homeschool mother, I will admit that I have my moments of dreaming of the big yellow bus, but we don't feel ready for that just yet!

Last, but certainly not least... WE HAVE A COURT DATE!!! November 18th is the day that Pallab, FNU (final name unknown?) will become our Joseph Pallab F.... officially!! Are we ready to be DONE??? YESSSSS!!!!!! This process has be the longest thing I think I have done in my life. It hasn't been the longest chronologically speaking, but mentally and emotionally it takes the prize. Would we do it again??? Just look at these pictures that a dear friend took yesterday and see if you can find the answer in the eyes of our miracle?? (We weren't dressed for pictures, BTW... I know Thomas J is wearing a Superman tee shirt... gasp! I am adequately mortified:) Our boys are God's gift to us. They are all so "fearfully and wonderfully made"... one of them just happened to be made in India!