"Untold numbers of professing Christians waste their lives trying to escape the cost of love. They do not see that it is always worth it."--- John Piper

Our Beautiful Joseph!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Let It Snow

If you aren't in our area or haven't heard, we were SNOWED upon in Missouri! Bill calls me the "snow queen" because I just LOVE to LOOK at the snow. I marvel at it every time! An added bonus was that my big boys were home. For those who do not know, we enrolled our big boys in school this semester. Our curiosity about our local school and my desire to have some one-on-one time with Joseph contributed to our decision. The leap from homeschooling to public has been a little much for mommy, but knowing it is temporary is getting us through. If the Lord wills it, we will be enrolling them in a "part-time" private school next year. They go to school 2 days per week and do the rest of the work as homeschool. Anyway, the snow brought them home for almost an entire week. I thought I'd post some snow pictures. The big boys (including my husband) love to be in the snow. As you can tell from Joseph's pictures, he prefers to see it from the kitchen window like mommy!!

Joseph is doing great! I finally broke down and tested his language skills. As a Speech therapist, I couldn't resist. I tested him on his 21 month-day and he scored at 17 months. It made me relax a little. He seemed more delayed than that to me. I know, I just need to be more patient. He had so much gross and fine motor to learn about that speech took the backseat, I think. Besides, with brothers and mommy catering to his every whim, who needs to talk, right?? It's just ridiculous, really:) Our new favorite game is to chase our brothers around the kitchen and dining room squealing all the while!! Big brothers pretend he's a monster and "you will melt from fiery lava if he touches you"... so it is fun for all! Yes, my house is a rowdy frat house, but I love it!!

Just to give you an idea of what Joseph is like, he is BUSY, BUDDY!! He gets into EVERYTHING! At first, this was annoying to me because of the messes he makes. There are moments that it continues to be annoying and we go for the playpen. However, most of the time it is hilarious! He is FULL of joy and curious about each and every item in his little world. We call him our "pixie" because he runs everywhere and he is so tiny that it looks like he kind of floats with his feet barely touching the ground! I wish I had a video to post of what I mean... I'll try to work on that. He sleeps with his Diego doll EVERY naptime and EVERY night. When it is time for nap or bed, we say, "night night". We put him in his crib with Diego and he curls up with him to go to sleep. I snuck in a few hours after I put him to bed and found him in the position above in that picture. He looked like he was holding hands with Diego!!! He kisses all people, animals, and yes.. objects at times. This makes him a FAVORITE at church because he will lean in and nuzzle familiar folks like his teachers and friends. He has kissed dogs on the mouth, other children, and numerous stuffed animals. Such a little lover! I wonder if it is because his mommy can't stop kissin' on him! My grandmother from Alabama stated it best when she said, "He's added something to our lives that we never even knew was missing." Well said.